He Likes It…I’m Quietly Proud

In typically Canadian fashion, I was immediately blushing at Dave Winer’s comments about Canadian cities and Ottawa (I went to University for 7 years in our nation’s capital). Something about a Yank of any prominence commenting on something Canadian seems to garner attention from a lot of us up here. It’s just how most (I dare not say ‘all’) of us are..kind of sad I guess. I wouldn’t call it a severe inferiority complex, but more a nation in need of some back-patting once in a while to ensure that we’re on the right track as a country.

As you might expect, I took Dave’s comments with a little more internal pride (gawd..us Canadians would never dare show it to anyone else…) than usual. Normally we hear quotes from celebrities at the Toronto Film Festival. Things like ‘Geez the streets are really clean up here..’ by people like Topher Grace or Sandra Bullock. Or we’re spoon-fed examples of American ignorance towards Canada via shows like Talking to Americans to somehow boost our own egos.

It is relatively rare that I get candid, honest, intelligent and unfiltered opinions of our country from a visitor that has built respect with me. I don’t agree with everything he does or says, but I respect him. I value his opinion. I think it’s much easier to build that respect with blogging than with conventional mass media like TV, Film or radio.


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