Another Kick at the Can and What Is a LugRadio?

I’ve taken another kick at the Linux can… About 9 months ago I installed Suse Linux (9.2) on my machine and dual-booted it with XP. While I found it interesting, I didn’t have the time to really get it up and running smoothly enough to really evaluate it. In the past couple of weeks, I took on the personal challenge of checking out how the other half lives again and removed Suse and installed Ubuntu.

I ran into several problems trying to get the dual-booting to work properly and figuring out how to get the sound up (it was working but the mixer volume was off!) so I’d have to still say that from my experience (albeit a sample size of 1), it still appears to be more of a OS for ‘tinkerers’. Although to be fair, the problem was getting the XP dual-booting going under Linux, something which XP doesn’t even allow (I don’t believe MS even gives you the option of dual-booting anything other than Microsoft OS’s).

Mind you, I’m running Ubuntu 5.10 (“Breezy Badger” for those in the know) which has not been officially released – that happens in two days I think, so things might have been a bit smoother had I waited for the stable release.

I’m pressed for time, so I’ll save my comments for when I’ve got more Linux miles under my belt and can put a few coherent thoughts together.

One other thing though. In the course of investigating Linux and Ubuntu, I found a great podcast dealing with Linux. It’s called LugRadio and I enjoy it immensely. Even if Linux is not your thing, these guys are truly great to listen to. I’ve heard lots of podcasts now, from the highly polished to those that are completely rough around the edges. In my opinion, these boys have got a great balance. They cover interesting stuff like open source software, programming, technology and even some politics with intelligence, passion and great humour. Probably not for everyone, but they’ve held my attention for hours of listening. Give them a try.

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