Is a Name Change In Order?

Dave Winer says:

“The “Long Tail” makes me want to barf. I’m not in anyone’s tail. I’m a head, a heart, if I must choose an organ, kidneys or lungs. Anyone who calls bloggers a tail of anything has his head up his ass.”

Huh? Maybe I’m missing some sort of sarcasm or quick-witted reference on this one Dave. Seriously, I just don’t get it. Give me some indication of what set you off. Put it in context.

Aren’t we talking about the long slender portion of a curve on a graph? In terms of weblogs (and it could be in terms of just about anything with a market or audience), there are a relatively small number of blogs read by a relatively high number of people. This is a fact, not an insult. The long tail of weblogs is made up of people like me (of which there are millions), that are read by very few.

And besides, there are many who find the ‘long tail’ the most valuable part. And being that it’s a statistical fact, is there really any point in getting pissed about it? Let’s just change the name. Maybe ‘the Creamy Nougat‘.

Anyways Dave, in terms of blogs, compared to me, you are nowhere close to the tail.

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