Remember the Milk, My Pimp….

A quick note about some online personal information management sites. RememberTheMilk, MyPimp, and Ta-da Lists. You know, to-do lists, calendars, reminders and the like. All three sites are Web 2.0-ish (whatever that means), cleanly designed and sport nifty names and logos – seemingly a prerequisite for entry into the web 2.0-ish club these days. And I think all three support the use of RSS to keep abreast of all the things you’re supposed to have done and haven’t. Anyways, I can’t speak from experience since I’ve only just found them, but they are potentially useful services. And of course all three are free so all the more reason to give one a shot. I registered for RememberTheMilk not because it has the best feature set, but because I like their logo the best 😉

I’m not sure how useful they’ll be. Currently, my Palm Zire72 is now really only serving as an MP3 player for my commute and a short note-taking device. I’ve relegated my task lists to a Hipster PDA, probably the antithesis of the aforementioned online PIMs. But no matter. You don’t know if you don’t try. The hipster method is working fine for now, but it won’t stop me from experimenting.

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