All My Firefox Customizations Have Vanished

What a wonderful morning. I come in to work and fire up Firefox and lo and behold all my customizations are gone!! No bookmarks, no live bookmarks, no bookmark toolbar visible and when I make the toolbar visible it is, of course, empty. All my bookmark keyword customizations are gone! The funny thing is that my history is still intact and the droplist that appears when I am about to enter my login ID for a site still contains my ID. What is going on here?

Also, since it’s been so long since I set up all these customizations, I’m having trouble re-creating them. I had set up a keyword for which was ‘gg’. So that when I typed ‘gg’ plus some terms into the address bar, it would run a google search on these terms and show me the results. This doesn’t seem to work anymore. Sure the ‘gg’ will take me to but if I add terms in the address bar I get taken to various different pages which are definitely not Google!

I’ve ran a couple of spyware scans to no avail. It’s like someone came in an uninstalled Firefox and then reinstalled it. Only I thought that this practice would usually leave all the customizations intact. No one’s been on the PC since I left yesterday, and besides, no one here would be able to erase all those customizations in one fell swoop (would they?). I’ve also noticed that all the themes are gone (I only had a few since upgrading to 1.5) other than the base theme, and the couple of buttons I added (for creating a new tab etc.) are gone from the toolbar.

I guess I could look at it positively as a ‘fresh start’ but for now I’m pissed off.


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