Humility – Look it up on Wikipedia!

This whole wikipedia self-auto-bio-egotistical editing thing is really getting annoying. People are editing their own bio pages (gasp!). People are blogging about how they would never edit their own bio pages (double-gasp!) My gawd, how the hell is 12yr old Johnny supposed to use Wikipedia to complete his science project on dinosaurs if it’s so tainted by scandal??!! Improper credit given to the inventor of podcasting?…whats next…Einstein’s entire contribution to science edited out of existence??

Get a grip! You’re taking the piss out of something genuinely useful to the vast majority of people. I don’t think you, you, or you realize that no one really cares if Wikipedia’s creator edited his own bio or if Adam Curry edited his own bio page or if Dave Winer would never do such a thing. I think you’re really missing the point of the whole thing: the open and free access to, and sharing of, knowledge. Whether or not Jimmy Wales created it all by himself or was too busy running a porn site I really don’t care. The site is useful to me. Shallow as it is to say, I really don’t care who invented it. Sure it’s nice piece of information to know, but it doesn’t affect whether or not I find the site useful.

This posting by Rogers Cadenhead is a piece of tripe and reads like something out of the National Enquirer, only with much less relevance to society as a whole… Get your faces out from in front of your vanity mirrors and get on with something more important.

Oh yeah…here’s a word that fewer and fewer people seem to know: humility


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