Winer vs Cadenhead – This time it’s personal..

First it was the fight over the future of RSS, then the admission to wanting “to matter less“, and now, just when you thought things would wind down, it’s now time to air dirty legal laundry. Rogers Cadenhead posts a letter he received from Dave Winer’s lawyers and Dave responds with his side of the story.

A business deal gone south would, in any other form, remain just that. However, in this environment you get opinions from everyone and their grandma. Here’s a typically subtle post on the subject.

Was Rogers correct in posting it? Some would argue maybe not. I’m more the private type myself. I don’t want to hang my dirty underoos out for all to see, that’s just me. But was he smart to post it? Most definitely in my opinion. It takes a whole heck of a lot of the wind out of Dave’s sails. It’s bad enough to come off as a boorish bully, but at the hands of your own lawyer’s letter makes it even more sour.

Sometimes reading things like this are like watching a train wreck. Nothing good can come of it, but you can’t take your eyes off the damn thing. Ah yes, the power of personal publishing.

If Dave were really looking forward to a time to quit blogging, and a time to ‘matter less’, this would be it.

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