A mere mortal sneaks onto the Gillmor Gang…

Changeups are sometimes nice. If you’ve been eating toast and jam for 3 weeks straight, a bowl of Special K can interject quite nicely on the palate. Such is the feeling I got listening to the most recent Gillmor Gang with Hugh Macleod (cartoonist/tailor) from gapingvoid.com. While it’s nice to listen in on the musings of I.T.’s elite thinkers, you begin to lose perspective after a while. Having Hugh on was a breath of fresh air. Of course it didn’t take long before he was bombarded with enough monetizing schemes to choke a maggot. But it was refreshing to hear someone who wants to share his views but NOT pontificate, someone who DOESN’T have it all figured out and isn’t afraid to admit it. Let’s hope it’s not so long until the gang allows another mere mortal to take a seat at the table.

Notable quote:

“I always agree with everything Doc ever has to say, and I always will and that’s just me, and if you don’t like it, I don’t care.” – Hugh Macleod


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