No Hot Sauce – thank you

I think Steve Gillmor missed much of the point when he quoted my previous post. He confirms this misinterpretation in his next post in which he states:

“I appreciate these complaints as much as the praise, not because I enjoy being called clueless, or as Richard in my previous post does, a complete asshole, because these folks are listening.”

Now I know it is not de rigeur in the blogosphere to take the higher road (and I’m no saint – that’s for sure) but I feel it needs a small correction. That little quip in the middle of my previous post was meant to compare the positive drive and energy of Robert Scoble with the generally negative/grouchy/boorish/impatient attitude of one Mr. Gillmor during his Gillmor Gang podcasts. If you’ve heard any of his recent podcasts you’ll know exactly what I mean – take a listen to just about any exchange he has with Mike Arrington on the show and you’ll hear it in spades. I’m not sure if it’s all for real, but he’s made me a bigger fan of Mike – and his phone- as a result.

However I think it’s a rather glaring misinterpretation to say I think Steve is a ‘complete asshole’. I reserve that term for a select few people I encounter in life – and sorry to disappoint you Steve, but you ain’t it. Maybe some people in the blogosphere would appreciate a little hot sauce being added to their blog posts but I’ll take mine plain – thank you.

What Steve does get right is his appreciation for the fact that we are listening. Now if he can somehow get us to stop skipping through the first 5 minutes of advertisements maybe he wouldn’t be so grumpy 😉


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