The Twit Stars Align – kind of…

Dave Slusher has read my mind with his post regarding the latest Twit episode and Dvorak. I’m getting tired of listening to his schtick as well. Interestingly, in a ‘stars are aligning’ moment, two things happened:

  1. Leo Laporte (who I do respect) has posted separate mp3 tracks of the most recent twit episode and put up the challenge for others to mix it together. I would definitely leave the Dvorak.mp3 file out of the mix completely… and…
  2. Dave Winer posts about being disgusted with Dvorak regarding his sleazy tactics to generate page views. It’s about time Dave posted about this. Ever since he took the video I was beginning to wonder if he missed the fact that it was a sleazy thing to do. He also lets us know it was Scoble who was laughing during that video. But then again Scoble has that goofy laugh on just about every recording he’s done. It’s his trademark and I like it 🙂

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