Shared Annoyance

The Earthlink nausea is obviously contagious. Dave Winer writes today:

So let’s tell them what we think. Earthlink sucks, and we don’t appreciate you wasting our time before we get to listen to the Gillmor Gang.

While Steve Gillmor throws bait at Dave Slusher during his latest Daily Gillmor (with Adam Curry) begging for Dave to show how an Earthlink ad should really be done, he’s missing the simple fact that having the 6 minute ads is a waste of his listeners time – and consequently a waste of Earthlink’s time, at least on this podcast.

But of course I could be wrong. In fact I must be. I forgot that Steve Gillmor is always right and everyone else (especially Mike Arrington) is almost always wrong. At least that’s what Steve thinks.

Update: I should clarify that the 6 minutes I cited above is not all Earthlink related. There is a good chunk of it pre-recorded and placed there for It’s something I skip as well. However, I’ve been listening to Todd Cochrane do his GoDaddy ads on his Geek News Central Podcast for a long time now and I usually don’t skip them. Why? Well his are short (relative to Gillmor) and his are recorded live in-line with his podcast, not pre-recorded. For some reason that makes a difference to me.


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