The Podshow Feed Hijack Mess

It looks as though Podshow (run by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom) are ‘stepping in it’ at the moment. Todd Cochrane posted last night about how Podshow is hijacking his podcast feed and he’s pissed about it. Turns out he’s not the only one and the trouble seems to be brewing.

Podshow is indeed providing their own version of the feed instead of the original feed – Todd has now shown what they’ve removed from his feed. This is in no way different than when you run across a clone blog hosting content that is not their own. I’ve run across a few of these, most noticeably a blog that showed Robert Scoble’s postings alongside their own advertising banners and things, trying to make it look like that’s his blog. Not a reputable way to build a business I’d say. But by and large, the general public will not know the difference. And if the general public doesn’t care, I guess Podshow doesn’t either.

So the podshow and others will generate ad revenue among other things on the backs of unwitting podcasters who are not (and don’t want to be) part of the podshow family. Shame on them. I can’t see this going on for too long before Podshow does something about it. Adam is still podcasting and as such will be faced with pressure from his own audience to fix it. I think he will do what’s right.


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