I’ve finally found her.. and she’s beautiful…

There are several things I am not. I am not an SUV guy, nor a minivan guy. I am not a pickup truck guy, nor a luxury sedan guy.

I am however, a car guy. And a ‘big fan of good engineering’ guy. I value performance but not stupidity. (Ok, I did have the obligatory Lamborghini Countach poster -with the hot chickie- on my bedroom wall growing up – right beside my Eddie Van Halen poster). So to me, the 16-cylinder, 1000+ bhp Bugatti Veyron is both obese and cartoonish, no matter what the performance.

At the ChampCar race Toronto this past weekend, while perusing a display of hotted up cars in the trade centre during a break in the action I happened to find my ‘dream car’. The Lotus Elise. It seats only two (and I’d likely have to drop 20lbs to be comfortable in it) but it uses light weight – and not gobs of horsepower – to attain some pretty great performance. How is 190 bhp and a sub-5 sec. 0-60 mph time? Kind of like a McLaren F1 for the masses. And besides that, I find it simply beautiful. Now if I could find a way to get a child car seat in there somewhere.. Hmmm…


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