Plight of the white male? Really?

Looking at the sexism-shitstorm Dave Winer seems to be weathering lately, I have to say that it’s definitely been mountain building time at the molehill. Now I consider myself pretty liberal. I’m not an opponent of political correctness. I feel it has its place. It serves a purpose but it’s not something that should be all-encompassing. If for instance, Canada’s indigenous people want to be called ‘Native Canadians’ or ‘First Nations’ or ‘Aboriginals’, it really makes no difference to me. I will refer to them as they wish. Some people have a real problem doing that and complain about it until the cows come home. I don’t. It is simply a matter of logic for me. It makes no difference to me what I call them, but it makes them (and me) happy to accomodate them. Where is the tough decision there?

I am simply happy to accommodate others concerns simply because they normally don’t affect me. However, reading Dave’s remarks in his post-blogHer posting, I don’t think he did anything other than speak his mind and heart. There was nothing hurtful, or hateful in those remarks. Were there really things that negatively affected anyone at all? If you regularly read Dave’s blog I don’t think you’ll find any air of sexism (quite the opposite actually). But you will also find that he writes many times from the heart. Would I have posted it? Likely not. But that is more my problem than his. His tendency to speak his mind is why I read him and why he is well-read.

However… there is one thing in Dave’s recent post ‘ About the s-word‘ that I disagree with. He states:

And something I’ve only been learning in the last few years, if you’re old, white and male, you’re worth less than shit.

C’mon. That’s just bullshit rhetoric. I’m white, male and aging rapidly. And I’ve had it really easy up to now and I still do. I know it, and you know it too. Look around at the state of North American society and tell me that the middle-aged white male is disenfranchised. It’s simply not true. It’s simply whining.

I remember fellow white, male engineering students grumbling about how more than half of our graduating class was of middle-eastern descent. “They’re taking away opportunities for ‘Canadian’ students!” – I remember the complaints quite clearly. Bullshit. I was friends with these students and while we were out getting drunk at the local clubs or in our residence rooms, these guys were studying. They deserved to be there. If we decided to piss away our education then it’s our own fault. Grrr.

Don’t whine about the plight of the aging white male. There are so many other real plights to complain about like poverty, the homeless and illiteracy.


One Response to “Plight of the white male? Really?”

  1. ElisaC Says:

    Great even-handed post. I love much of what Dave has written post-BlogHer. That one phrase also rankled me, but I guess I felt it would be only too predictable or dismissable for *me* to point it out 🙂

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