Journalist’s War Photos Photoshopped – and poorly at that!

Reuter’s News Agency has withdrawn the photos submitted by Adnan Hajj after two of them were found to be ‘Photoshopped’. Now of course I fully agree with their decision, but I have one relatively shallow comment on the article:

If you are going to tamper with photos for some intended purpose, at least do a decent job! I’m sure many in the photomanipulation communities on the web (like the Worth1000 crowd) will be horrified to see the modifications made to one of the photos to increase the smoke density in the sky. It’s the worst photoshopping I’ve seen in quite a while.

On a less shallow note, the photographer is claiming he was just trying to remove dust marks and didn’t see the resulting changes to the photo because of poor lighting conditions. I’d have to give him the benefit of the doubt since I find it hard to believe he thought he could fool Reuter’s with such Photoshop butchery.

Note: I have only seen the photo of the smoke over Beirut, but the article says the other one is a photo of an Israeli jet that was modified to show the dropping of 3 flares instead of one.

The article states that he has submitted over 900 photos to Reuters and supposedly they are all going to be withdrawn immediately due to the two tampered submissions. Ouch.


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