Penguin Pete’s Programming Pet Peeves…

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the alliteration in the title…

Penguin Pete’s got quite a rant today. The subject is programming pet peeves and it’s well worth a read. He’s got six of them so far. His first peeve is ‘web programming’, here’s a taste:

…You want a user interface on your page? No, you need Javascript for that. Well, then, something to generate it all for you? Silly, you’re scripting for the *server* side, not the *client* side – we COULDN’T have the same language do both, now could we? Go learn PHP! What, you want to run from the server side and the client side at the same time??? You knucklehead, you’re going to have to learn AJAX, which is made of two languages you already know, but we had to combine them and change them subtly because every damn line of web page code simply MUST be in a different language! In fact, it simply KILLS us that you’re able to use similar syntax to make text bold and italic, but we’re working our ass off to break that.

Nice to read complaints sometimes, even more so if they’re entertaining…



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