Sparks on the Rails

Listening to the last few Gillmor Gangs has been like watching a train wreck. You can’t take your eyes (or in this case ears) off of it as the brakeless train hurtles faster and faster. It only seems a matter of time until the wheels leave the rails. But man, until then it’s getting less intellectual but more interesting with each installment.

Last time it appeared that Jason Calacanis had wrestled the controls from Steve and was bound and determined to drive it straight off the tracks. And in this latest episode Jason is not there (what happened to script continuity anyway?) but we find Mike Arrington regrettably rating poor Hugh after he’s left the call. Not nice. But at least we’re getting to hear some real opinion on things – even if the interesting ones are non-tech related.

Will Steve continue to piss off his fellow passengers by chopping and hacking each episode into bite sized chunks? It seems they’re all against it – to Steve’s apparent delight.

Will Mike Arrington finally realize that all his chuckling and backhanded comments about Hugh actually do hurt his own reputation?

Will mainstream media heroes Dan and MikeV finally join Jon Udell in leaving the dark side?

Will Adam Curry show up and respond to Steve’s ‘Fuck you Adam Curry…but he’s a fantastic guy’ statements?

Will Doc Searls actually say something that doesn’t make absolute sense?

Good luck to Steve in keeping it on the rails. He’s actually got me engaged again, but the problem with train wrecks is that while they are good at garnering attention, we all know how they ultimately end.

For now, you can check out the blog that doesn’t exist by clicking this not-dead-yet link.

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