Sensible (middle of the road) American opinions wanted…

Now I realize that the political left can spin things just like the political right. But would someone (preferably a sensible, sober middle of the road American citizen) please enlighten me as to why I shouldn’t be worried and shaking my head after reading this ?

Is the Bush government really taking the US down this road with no significant opposition? As a Canadian, you might dismiss me as a socialist neophyte, but I can’t help but think that there should be a little more vocal consternation about the things going on in your country’s governance.

Can someone point me to a right leaning spin on this bill? I have tried for the life of me to put myself in a Bush supporter’s shoes when reading about this legislation but I just can’t make it sound palatable in any light. Am I missing something?


2 Responses to “Sensible (middle of the road) American opinions wanted…”

  1. impactEDnurse Says:

    I have just stumbled into your world from the comments you left over at Matts Idea Blog.
    (which I thought were great)
    Enjoying your posts.

  2. Matthew Cornell Says:

    I happen to agree with you – it makes no sense to me. You’ve seen the comments on my blog about it, though…

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