Photo giggles…

Photojojo is a blog/newsletter I suscribe to. It’s photography related (of course) with an emphasis on fun. There’s an article on there about a site called Zingfu where you can get all kinds of campy templates to create your own funny photocompositions.

This kind of stuff has always been near and dear to my heart. There’s something about cutting and pasting your co-worker’s face on some embarrassing photo that just makes me giggle. While I probably would never use a template like the ones on the Zingfu site (I’m far too DIY for that), I did do a set of Christmas photos to include in the family’s cards a couple of years ago. There were two that stood out, the one of my mother and father in law, and one for my wife’s grandmother (who by the way is currently 99 with a superb Welsh sense of humour to boot). Now don’t write in telling me that they look ‘photoshopped’. That’s not the intent. The intent was to make them laugh – and it worked marvelously. 🙂


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