Don’t forget the important part..

Listening to the latest Gillmor Gang I had to smile when Doc said he enjoyed the most recent Reboot conference more than the last one because it was less of the same old faces. It sounds like more than a few of the gang members are growing weary of the Web 2.0 onrush.

Geez, just when Kent was able to get within striking distance of the web conference circuit it starts going out of style! 🙂

Of course Jason thinks it’s all about the money – you can’t fault him for being consistent. Doc and Hugh don’t agree. I sure hope they’re right. In all this rush to capitalize on the content (us) users generate the ‘user’ doesn’t seem to have any vested interest in the whole money-making movement.

Sure it’s interesting to read and hear about the first 100 startups scrambling to get acquired, but it doesn’t take long to pass right through ‘comical’ and onto ‘boredom’.

The important bit of this whole online environment is the two-way nature of what is being built. Open communication, access to, and the freedom of information is the really empowering thing. The stories of companies capitalizing on it is the glamourous part, but by no means the heart of the issue.

In 10 years time we’ll call it Bubble 2.0 or whatever other annoying buzzword we want to apply, but the progress we make as a society as a result of all this technology will be the truly important part.


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