Formula 1 – 07 goes tonight!

Jeez.. I almost missed it. The 2007 Formula One season is already underway and Round 1 in Australia is on tonight!

Better yet, I can finally cheer for Ferrari (not that I necessarily will) once again now that Schumacher is gone. I've been sworn enemies of Ferrari's F1 effort ever since 1997 on that dark day in Jerez, Spain when  the German intentionally tried to drive Canuck Jacques Villeneuve off the road.

I haven't followed much if any of the pre-season shenanigans, but I've always like Kimi and cheered for Alonso in his battles with Schumacher (no surprise there).

I'm still not behind any specific horse at this point. Let's see what happens down under tonight.


2 Responses to “Formula 1 – 07 goes tonight!”

  1. Brad Kellett Says:

    I’m sitting on my couch waiting for the Sunday coverage to start right now. I couldn’t make the hour flight down this year unfortunately. Watched the qualifying yesterday though, nice stuff.

  2. RichardQuerin Says:

    I’ve been to the Toronto IndyCar race a few times, but going to Montreal for the F1 Grand Prix in 2003 was something special. I remember sitting in the grandstands in the pouring rain for Friday practice. Only the diehards were there. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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