Idiot breaks into my car steals stereo, leaves DSLR

At work today, sometime between 8:50am and 12:20pm, I was paid a visit by a person henceforth known as “Idiot”. Idiot proceeded to punch out the door lock on my car and enter the vehicle. Then Idiot hammered in the ignition switch on my steering column and twisted the steering column housing. After this, Idiot ripped out and stole the my cheapy $140 car stereo. And in a final despicable act of sheer cowardice, Idiot took my cell phone car charger.

After a couple of hours and phone calls to my insurance company, police and auto shop, I was in a tow truck on my way to a 300 dollar deductible and a rental car.

One thing I didn’t know was that while my insurance policy has comprehensive and collision coverage, it doesn’t foot the bill for a rental car (hence the low-buck Hyundai Accent rental currently sitting in my garage). I guess that’s the price I pay for a circa $100 monthly car insurance bill. 😉

And while I could think of a million other creative names to call the offender, I think ‘Idiot’ is the most appropriate only because there was a knapsack-style camera bag holding my Canon Rebel XT DSLR, 3 Canon lenses and a miniDV camcorder in the front passenger side footwell which Idiot somehow missed.

Needless to say, when the camera bag accompanies me to work, it’s coming into the office with me from now on.

Hopefully my car will be fixed up in a day or two. Twelve years and 330,000km aside, the car’s still in very good shape, but I think I’m only a few months away from a new car purchase, so I don’t think I’ll spring for a car alarm system on this one (not that it necessarily would have stopped Idiot from being an idiot anyway).

Hope everyone had a better day than I did.

5 Responses to “Idiot breaks into my car steals stereo, leaves DSLR”

  1. Earl Moore Says:

    Hi Richard,

    Sorry to hear about your car getting messed up today, but I’m happy for you that the thief totally over-looked your camera equipment. Obviously the thief was not a professional…you’re right that the term idiot fits.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better! 🙂

  2. Simón A. Ruiz Says:

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather lose my car than my Rebel XT and gear, so from my perpective this story has more good luck in it than bad.

    Though, yeah, of course I’d rather not lose either if that was an option…

  3. RichardQuerin Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. Not losing the camera gear is definitely the silver lining in this cloud.

  4. Geren Says:

    ID10T was not so dumb as you make him out to be. Cameras have easily traceable serial numbers. Car stereos, generally do not. The thief can dump your car stereo and score some quick cash to feed his habit. But, trying to pawn off a camera’s going to get him scrutinized more closely.

  5. RichardQuerin Says:

    Brand new, the stereo was about 200 bucks. If he couldn’t find a way to unload probably $1800.00 worth of stuff for something more than 200 bucks without getting caught then he’s just got to be dumb. At the very least he could have kept it for himself. I’m sure if he knew it was there he would have opted for the camera bag. That said, I’m glad he didn’t.

    Besides, it’s evident that what they really wanted was the car. Sounds like airbags go for 1000 bucks a pop these days. Good thing they weren’t smart enough to take it.

    Thanks for commenting.

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