Do cars have feelings too?

I think my car knows it's the end of days. The new car (a silver, fuel-miserly, and decent looking Kia Rio5 – Ex Sport) is hopefully available in the next day or two and my current car – a '95 Acura Integra 4-door – is flailing in panic.

Since putting down the deposit on the Korean car at the end of last week, my Integra's automatic tranny has started hunting for gears at odd times, and what was once a slightly louder than normal exhaust note has developed into a bellow on full acceleration. It's almost as if it's now given up and is beckoning me for one final expensive repair job.

Flail away buddy boy. You've been a decent car under indecent conditions, but your time has come. I've managed to go from around 200,000km when I got it to just over 340,000km in about 2.5 years. Not too much of that is city driving, but a fair amount of it is dirt and rough road travelling – so I don't feel I was jipped.

But nonetheless, it is a little embarassing these last couple of days driving around in something that sounds like the truck from Sanford & Son.

But maybe if I tilt the seat way back, people will assume I'm just another two-bit punk driving an Integra with a big soup-can muffler. I better get me some hip-hop goin' in the car too for authenticity.

Yo yo yo. Word.


One Response to “Do cars have feelings too?”

  1. Sacramento Car Dealers Says:

    I always hate to put my old cars out to pasture (meant figuratively, although many people in my area seem to do this literally).

    Always a lot of memories tied up in a car you’ve had for a while.

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