LIC – do you have it?

Penguin Pete outlines the symptoms of LIC (the Linux Insecurity Complex).

Describing one of the typical symptoms, Panic Attacks (thinking about how MS will sue Linux out of existence), Pete writes,

“You could drop nuclear bombs on every Linux user on the planet, but you’ll miss at least one server housing the source code, to be found by some future archaeologist, and there it will go spreading again. Linux is creeping charlie. It is rooted too deeply to budge. Why do you think Microsoft is so afraid of it?”

So if you’re a Linux user, you owe it to yourself to read his post and start showing some dignity! 🙂

One Response to “LIC – do you have it?”

  1. patcito Says:

    hey richard,
    Thanx for your videos on youtube, they are great.
    I’m trying to do some screencasts too on ubuntu with recordmydesktop. But the sound is horrible, kind of like how it used to be on your first screencast. Could you tell me how you fixed your sound problem and what video editing software you use to do your intros?

    thanx in advance


    you can mail me at patcito |_at_| gmail dot com

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