How is Technorati *supposed* to work?

I was checking out the newer, faster, better, Technorati today and did a search on ‘inkscape’ to see what new things people were doing. I noticed quite quickly that my YouTube hosted screencasts are there in all their glory but no mention of my blog at all. I didn’t expect it to see it under the ‘posts’ tab since I haven’t tagged anything ‘inkscape’ in the last few days, but I do have probably 20 or 30 posts tagged ‘inkscape’ on my blog so I kind of expected it to show up under the ‘blogs’ tab.

Hmm. I thought the Blogger(tm) labels were like any other blog tagging system and that they’d be picked up by Technorati. Maybe I’ve got to add Technorati specific tags to my posts like Kent does?

I signed up and ‘claimed’ my blog there a couple years back, but maybe I’ve got to be doing more to be visible there?

Anybody care to educate me on this?

Someone please tell me how this is supposed to work.

5 Responses to “How is Technorati *supposed* to work?”

  1. janicetechnorati Says:

    Hello Richard,

    Blogger Labels are the equivalent to Technorati tags in Technorati. Thus your “inkscape” label will list your posts in our tag search engine.

    In order to list your blog in the blog directory, you will want to add tags in your blog’s settings from after logging in. Currently it is listed by your blog title

    I hope this helps! –Janice, Technorati Support

  2. RichardQuerin Says:

    Thanks for the quick response. I’ve just modified my settings per your instructions and also put a ‘Add to Technorati Favorites’ button on my blog while I was at it.

    Thanks again to you, Dave (and Kent).

  3. Mark Howard Says:

    WordPress is ten times better 🙂

  4. RichardQuerin Says:


    While I don’t doubt that WordPress is a good platform, I’m not sure it would cure the fact that I didn’t enter tags for my blog settings over on Technorati. 😉

  5. jaime adolfo Says:


    Please note that your blog address in your profile, inside YouTuBe, has an space betwen “all- tradez”, this space must be removed, maybe that’s the reason you are not getting so much visits.

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