If a Tweet falls in the forest.. do I care?

I think I’ve officially lost all interest in Twitter. At least for now. Granted, I only have 7 friends (and 8 followers), but either Twitter is busted or nobody in my tiny circle of friends is using it anymore. There’s only one who seems to be posting with any kind of frequency and he’s not even what I’d call a personal contact.

I have failed to see the usefulness (for me anyway) in this style of short message posting. And believe me, I’m all for useless but fun web services, but I don’t even find it fun.

I guess it’s no surprise that I haven’t posted a lot on Twitter – there are many things competing for my attention at the moment and it’s survival of the fittest. My lack of Twitter postings (or tweets or whatever you call them) are clearly indicative of how far down the ladder of interest it is for me.

I won’t close my Twitter account, but suffice it to say it will likely drop off my radar completely in short order.

In fact I think it’s in a race to the bottom with Facebook at the moment. šŸ˜‰

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