Web Design Gone Bad…

[** WARNING ** People prone to epileptic seizures beware!!! Seriously!]

You just know a Digg comment thread is going to be fun when the title of the post is:


Lots of good… er.. bad …er… horrible competing sites in the comment thread. Makes MySpace look like CSSZenGarden.


2 Responses to “Web Design Gone Bad…”

  1. earl Says:

    Wow…you think they ran out of bright contrasting colors? That actually hurts your eyes! LOL

  2. RichardQuerin Says:

    Hi Earl,

    Yeah, pretty painful. For a good funny read, I like this wonderful page which is the homepage of my favourite columnist on theonion.com Jean Teasdale. If you’ve read any of her columns, you’ll not be surprised by the site.. 😉

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