Problem sending large Gmail attachments.. Anybody?

On my windows box here at work, I've always had a problem sending
attachments of any significant size through Gmail. If I try to send an
email with a 150kb file, no problemo. But if I try to send something
that's say, 1.5MB, it just sits there and never sends it.

I'm connected through a LAN which runs through a proxy server
(FreeProxy) here at work, so maybe that's the problem. I don't have
any of these problems on my home machine.

I've tried increasing the dom.max_script_run_time setting in Firefox's
about:config page, but this seems to have done nothing to help me.

Anybody out there have any clues?


3 Responses to “Problem sending large Gmail attachments.. Anybody?”

  1. Stojance Dimitrovski Says:

    Yeah, the same happens to me, but it’s not the same. I don’t have a proxy nor a LAN but sometimes I can not send anything trough GMail.

    I heard that GMail has a limit on attachments, probably 10MB on a non-pro account or something.


  2. RichardQuerin Says:

    The gmail limitation was recently increased to 20MB attachments. However my problem has never been receiving them, only sending them. And even then, only from work.

    There is a nice free service I’ve used a few times at which lets you upload large attachments and gives you a shortlived link you can send to someone so they can download it. It has worked pretty well the few times I’ve used it.

  3. Ted Says:

    just found your page on google (hmm…) because i was having the same problem. i’m using ff from home on a windows xp pro machine. i usually just resign to working around it somehow but i’d really love to know how to send a file anywhere near their 20mb limit.

    the biggest i’ve been able to hit is around 10mb, and though i have ignorantly tried to send files bigger than 20mb in the past, i have never seen this supposed “over limit” warning.

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