Mystery System Tray Icon – anybody recognize it?

Anybody know what this icon is in my system tray? When I hover over it, it only displays that it’s downloading updates (10%) but the percentage never changes. Left-clicking or right-clicking on the icon does absolutely nothing. I’ve opened up Windows Task Manager to see what it might be, but I can’t spot anything too suspicious. It looks like a shield but I uninstalled McAfee months ago and also recently uninstalled the horribly bloated Adobe Reader 8.1 (Foxit Baby!).

Anybody recognize this tray icon? What the hell is it, and how can I get rid of it?

mysteryicon.jpg picture by rfq

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3 Responses to “Mystery System Tray Icon – anybody recognize it?”

  1. OmegaMom Says:

    Windows Update. Open up IE (don’t run away screaming!), select Tools, Windows Update. This takes you to the automatic updater area of MS’s website where you can see what uupdates you need, which ones are scheduled for download, etc.

    Warning: The updater from MS sometimes gets corrupted. If that happens, you’ll end up with svchost.exe hanging; svchost is the main networking component in Windows. I’ll contact a buddy who has a series of steps to take to blow away the corrupt updater and post it later on.

  2. OmegaMom Says:

    Fixing the Windows updater:

    the steps were to turn off bits and automatci update in services
    go to the update folder in windows (that would be WINNT/SoftwareDistribution)
    delete contents
    turn on those services again
    and reboot

  3. RichardQuerin Says:

    Thanks for the input OmegaMom. I run IE about every 3 months or so (no joke). It’s just weird that it shows me the 10% but seems frozen. Maybe it’s the corruption issue you brought up. I’ll check it when I get in tomorrow.

    BTW – I’m quite pleased to see someone commenting who’s well north of me. 😉 I hope Alaska is treating you well and your search for ethnic, non-D1sney princesses is going well too. 🙂

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