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Is Google Reader really slow to refresh feeds?

September 27, 2007

Anybody have any idea why my blog posts are taking so long to show up in Google Reader? It took about 5 hours yesterday for a couple of my posts to show up. This morning for instance I made a couple of hours ago. It shows up in Bloglines, but still nothing in Google Reader.

And also, I think that posts I make on WordPress (at come into GReader a lot quicker too. You’d think that since Blogger and Greader are both Google, they’d have them working well together.

I’d be interested in hearing from other Google Reader users. How long do you have to wait until your posts show up in GReader?

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On the DoFollow Wagon…

June 14, 2007

Following the lead of a few of my favourite reads, I’ve decided to disable the nofollow attribute for commenting that’s built into my Blogger™ template. So to encourage commenting and discussion if you leave your link in the comments, you will be justly rewarded.

Now of course I manually moderate the comments – and oh boy, it’s such an onerous job with the hundreds of comments I get on each post 😉 – and any spam comments that show up will of course be swiftly dealt with. I’ve even put up an ominous commenting policy over on the right, but that’s more just to encourage people to participate rather than lay down the proverbial law.

If you’ve got a Blogger™ blog and you’re want to spread the Google juice to your commenters then check out this post.

Free commenting system? What free commenting system?

May 27, 2007

Yours truly (a.k.a. The Idiot Blogger), proudly posted about freeing up my comment system, proceeded to disable comment moderation and then forgot to hit ‘Save Settings’.

Some ten hours later, idiot (me) finally gets home to realize commenters on his post are locked in moderation limbo.

Apologies to Chris and Will (btw – I’m not entirely sure that’s you Will Simpson or some other Will, but I’ll take the chance – I’ve already been an idiot once today, might as well bask in it).

Gee, you’d think I would have been automatically removed from the gene pool by now.. 😉

Freeing Up The Commenting System

May 26, 2007

Chris Brogan is someone I’ve enjoyed reading for quite some time now. And while lately he’s been knee-deep in the ‘new media’ space, every now and then he gives some sound solid advice for those of us who are doing these things solely for enjoyment and nothing else.

With my recent experimentation with screencasting, inkscape, linux, twitter and other things tech, I have not spent a lot of time improving my blog (or my blogging). Chris wrote a recent post on making your blog more friendly. One of his first points was about making commenting easier, citing the fact that captchas are a hurdle that should be avoided if at all possible. He also wrote that some blogging software (like makes it mandatory.

Hmm. I know I had captchas enabled, but never really checked if that was mandatory. Lo and behold, it isn’t. A quick switch of a radio button in the commenting settings will turn it off.

I put a high value on the few comments I do get because of the opinions, ideas and discussion that can show up there. Therefore, I’ve turned captchas off and for that matter I’ve also turned off comment moderation just to see if anything changes. I’ll still get email notification of comments and can go in and delete comments if they are in fact spam.

So for now I’ve freed up the commenting system – no moderation, no captchas. Now on to much tougher things like improving the writing and posting frequency…

Spam blog? Are you kidding me Blogger(tm)?

April 25, 2007

Creating my post for my 9th Inkscape screencast, I found out that for some reason Blogger has identified my blog as a spam blog and locked it. I can write posts (like I’m doing right now), save them as drafts, but can’t publish them.

I have no idea how they identified this site as a spam blog. I don’t think I’ve posted anything about erectile dysfunction or women getting bigger boobies in quite some time (try never!). Maybe it has something to do with that ‘Flag Blog’ button at the top of the page. That thing has always scared me.

Maybe it’s some maniac Adobe Illustrator user that’s pissed about all the Inkscape-love coming from this site. 😉

Anyways, it might be a couple of days before you see this post – but maybe I can actually get some other stuff done in the meantime… haven’t posted any photos to Flickr in well over a month(!).

Tag clouds please step to the right…

March 15, 2007

Astute visitors to this blog will now notice a nice tag cloud over on the right. Please direct your applause to phydeaux3. About 3 cut and pastes and 5 minutes later, my template was modified to show the cloud in all it’s glory.

Now onto the task of revamping my blogroll and adding the Flickr zeitgeist….

Handy Tip – Avoid Being an Idiot..

November 24, 2006

Here’s a handy tip for any newbies to the Blogger-in-beta engine: Don’t be an idiot like Yours Truly.

I just realized that you need to put commas between your post tags. And if you do something like I dunno.. use like.. uhh.. SPACES instead of COMMAS, it will take each term you entered and skooch ’em all up into one long post tag.

Live and learn I guess. If you spot any retarded looking post labels on past posts, it’s just me. I’ll fix ’em when I can.