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Html email stationary, How I hate thee – let me count the ways…

April 26, 2007

Okay. Html email programs such as Outlook have been in heavy use for what must be more than a decade already. At what point do people realize that using html stationary backgrounds for their emails achieves the exact opposite of the intended effect?

Do you really think it looks more professional when you send me email on some cheesy stationary? Every background I’ve ever seen immediately reminds me of the horrible wallpapers that came with Windows95/98 — the most markedly horrible of which had to be the ‘bubbles’ wallpaper in all its 2 colour, continuously tiled glory.

And what bothers me is that I’m seeing it more and more lately. Is it just me or do we have to stomp this out before it proliferates?

I scroll down past a well-written, perfectly valid business-related email and almost expect to see flashing unicorns or animated gifs of dancing babies (don’t get me started!) at the bottom.

I betcha Jean Teasdale (one of my absolute favourite reads at just loves email stationary. Just look at her site!

Phew I feel better now.