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Everday Normal Guy…

December 21, 2007

Finally… a rap song aimed straight at me.. motherf!#@er…

[warning: if you didn’t get the gist.. you might find the language (or at least one word repeated many times)  in this video somewhat offensive – or just funny]

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Mahalo Daily Trailer – Very Sharp

October 31, 2007

I’m not sure about the idea of people-powered search. But maybe Jason Calacanis should stick to video trailer production instead. This intro video for the new Mahalo Daily video podcast was very good. The part with Alex Albrecht was genius.

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Make My Logo Bigger Cream.. and more!

October 31, 2007

Stuck with a crappy graphic designer? Say goodbye to all your worries with easy to apply “Make My Logo Bigger Cream”. Big improvements with only one application. And there are lots of other deals to be had too, like “Whitespace Eliminator Spray” and more.

This company could put many hard working designers out of business. 🙂

ps. The look on the designer’s face when confronted with “Flouresencizer” is priceless.

Check out all of these wonderful products right here.


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The Dirty Car Art Gallery

October 24, 2007

Wow. Have you ever seen the Dirty Car Art Gallery. Absolutely amazing. I’m used to seeing what we call the old ‘Charlie Weiber’.. which amounts to a simplified version of a portion of the male anatomy usually seen on the back windows of dirty white construction vans. This is a few million notches above that! 🙂

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The Personal Aspects of Space Travel and Shooting Stars

October 4, 2007

Here’s a good explanation of one of the more mundane aspects of space travel… and you’ll learn something surprising about shooting stars along the way too:

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The graphic app that will change the world!!

August 13, 2007

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Finally! Something windows users can be proud of, and Mac users can just sit and drool over:


Funny Pseudo-Anti-Mac Article/Rant

February 5, 2007

What do you get when you mash together sweeping generalizations, top-notch writing, sharp wit and the mac vs pc debate?

This article. [and hundreds of Digg comments as well ;-)]

He spends much of it taking the piss out Mac owners, so if you’re sensitive in that respect, be forewarned. 😉

Clever 90’s Flowchart

January 15, 2007

I think you probably have to be from a specific generation to even get this, nevermind find it funny (which I did):