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Short Answers and the Fall of Civilization

December 12, 2006

Here’s the email I send to a client asking for confirmation on a couple of items (of course the names and subject matter have been changed to protect the innocent… and me):

Hi Zanzibar,

So it is full height jibberjabs and blickity blocks with a continuous 12×9 pinky-doo everywhere? Are blingitybings or additional rinkydinks required?


Richard Querin, P.Eng.

No fine work of literature to be sure. But it was simple and clear enough don’t you think? Here’s the response (via frickin’ Blackberry of course)


So is that a yes only on the jibberjabs, blickity blocks and pinky-doo? What am I to assume for the second part of the question?

Is this a result of PDA/SMS/Blackberry short cryptic notation syndrome? Where is the art of communication going? I read plenty of emails a day. You would think the proliferation of written communication would yield some improvement, but all it’s done is laid the problem bare for more to see.

I know, I know. Another grammar rant. But there wasn’t even a period on the end of that single word reply! But at least it was spelled correctly.

I must be going a little batty, because I actually enjoy reading the odd email that comes to me with full punctuation, correct spelling and some semblance of coherence and planning. It happens once or twice every couple of weeks (I swear – no more frequent than that). You have to enjoy them when you can.

Apologies for liberating the curmudgeon in me again. But somebody has to document the fall of civilization. Why not me? 😉