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Mahalo Daily Trailer – Very Sharp

October 31, 2007

I’m not sure about the idea of people-powered search. But maybe Jason Calacanis should stick to video trailer production instead. This intro video for the new Mahalo Daily video podcast was very good. The part with Alex Albrecht was genius.

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Make My Logo Bigger Cream.. and more!

October 31, 2007

Stuck with a crappy graphic designer? Say goodbye to all your worries with easy to apply “Make My Logo Bigger Cream”. Big improvements with only one application. And there are lots of other deals to be had too, like “Whitespace Eliminator Spray” and more.

This company could put many hard working designers out of business. 🙂

ps. The look on the designer’s face when confronted with “Flouresencizer” is priceless.

Check out all of these wonderful products right here.


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Mind your step…

October 26, 2007

Although as a parent, I’m twice removed from this situation  (I have only one child, and she’s a ‘she’), I did grow up as the younger of two boys, so  Tony Woodlief’s post made me genuinely guffaw this morning. Mind your step. 😉

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The Lady Loves me…

October 19, 2007

Have I ever mentioned the fact that my almost-6 year old daughter has a thing for Elvis?

Turns out she’s fascinated by Elvis.. well more accurately, Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa-Marie.

I find myself answering a flurry of questions… Why was he called ‘The King’? Was Priscilla the Queen? How did get so fat? Why are all those ladies screaming?

Turns out she also loves the YouTube. The YouTube has the Elvis. Actually, it has an untold number of Elvis and Priscilla slideshows set to music and snippets of concert footage. Turns out Elvis Fans have figured out The YouTube too!

So I’ve steered her away from Bratz, only been to Build-A-Bear-Empty-A-Wallet once. Kept her on the straight and narrow so far. And the fact that she prefers the young handsome Elvis to the old fat sweaty one makes it that much easier to live with.

Elvis movies are the next wave. While in Vegas a few weeks back, we picked up a VHS copy of Viva Las Vegas for her. It’s wearing thin after about 40 plays (seriously). We know the words to “The Lady Loves Me” almost completely. Which in itself leads to more questions like: What is Russian Roulette?, What is a moonlight tete a tete? What is playing hard to get?

We signed out Blue Hawaii from the library only last week in a bid for some sanity.

However, if I have learned one thing during this stage of fatherhood, it is this….

Ann Margret was indeed the hotness… 😉


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The Personal Aspects of Space Travel and Shooting Stars

October 4, 2007

Here’s a good explanation of one of the more mundane aspects of space travel… and you’ll learn something surprising about shooting stars along the way too:

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The graphic app that will change the world!!

August 13, 2007

via Digg,

Finally! Something windows users can be proud of, and Mac users can just sit and drool over:


Planting The Seeds of Decent Grammar

June 8, 2007

Faithful readers,

Having read this blog, you know full well that I am not much of a grammar nazi. But I try to use proper grammar and full, reasonably coherent sentences. Sure, I throw the odd semicolon around with wild abandon, but I don’t normally go around chastising people for their dangling gerunds (I looked that up btw). However, I draw the line at the increasing use of “Good” as a response to “How’s it going?” or “How are you doing?”.

I attempted to head this off at the pass this morning as I drove my sub 6 daughter to school:

“How is so-and-so doing?”, I asked.

“Good”, she replied.

Attempting to seize the opportunity and right the listing ship, I tactfully say, “Y’know… it’s proper to say ‘well’ when someone asks you how you’re doing or how is it going.”

“No it’s not Daddy.”

“I’m pretty sure it is, cupcake.”, I reply, deciding immediately that this is neither the time nor place to introduce the concept of verbs into the conversation.

“No. I’m right, and you’re not Daddy.”

Perhaps weakly, I resort to the standard, “This would be a good thing to ask Mrs. X”.

Mrs. X being her teacher of course. The one person who can overrule whatever nonsense it is that Daddy tries to pawn off on her as knowledge.

Based on a multitude of similar conversations I’ve had with her in the past, this tactic usually works. Normally, I won’t bring it up again right away, but (hopefully) I’ll notice her slipping in the ‘well’ in place of the ‘good’ on her own accord.

Perhaps the job is just to plant the seed. All you can do is water it, care for it, and hope it grows.

SCTV Genius – courtesy of YouTube

May 4, 2007

I’m not sure if there are any SCTV fans who read this blog, but back in the day it was one of my favourite shows.

Thanks to YouTube, you can watch the classic Gerry Todd show. It gave me a good chuckle on so many levels (the DJ voice, the video effects, the commercials, it goes on and on – video bloggers take note!).

Part 1 has the start of the show and classic Gerry Todd – bring up the super.

Part 2 has a hilarious Doobie brothers carpet warehouse commercial and a Christopher Cross / Michael Mcdonald video at the end that is pure genius.

I forgot how awesome SCTV was. Thank you YouTube!

Html email stationary, How I hate thee – let me count the ways…

April 26, 2007

Okay. Html email programs such as Outlook have been in heavy use for what must be more than a decade already. At what point do people realize that using html stationary backgrounds for their emails achieves the exact opposite of the intended effect?

Do you really think it looks more professional when you send me email on some cheesy stationary? Every background I’ve ever seen immediately reminds me of the horrible wallpapers that came with Windows95/98 — the most markedly horrible of which had to be the ‘bubbles’ wallpaper in all its 2 colour, continuously tiled glory.

And what bothers me is that I’m seeing it more and more lately. Is it just me or do we have to stomp this out before it proliferates?

I scroll down past a well-written, perfectly valid business-related email and almost expect to see flashing unicorns or animated gifs of dancing babies (don’t get me started!) at the bottom.

I betcha Jean Teasdale (one of my absolute favourite reads at just loves email stationary. Just look at her site!

Phew I feel better now.


Vista Speech Recognition .. er.. Demolition

February 20, 2007

You may or may not find this video funny. Personally, my ribs were absolutely aching after about 4 minutes.

Perl Scripting With Vista Speech Recognition

I’ve always considered myself to be a patient person. But for me, the test would have been over within about 20 seconds… 🙂

“Delete lower case open the helpful…”