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PC Envy

September 6, 2007

Kent Newsome just bought a new (and quiet) toy. Of course, I’m immediately jealous. 🙂

I’ve been pondering for the past month or so about what my next system purchase will be. I’m torn between a laptop or a desktop machine. The Dell XPS M1330 has caught my eye – no pedestrian Inspirons for this tough guy! 😉 But buddy at work got a nice XPS 710 desktop system a while back and I have to say, when you pair that up with a Dell 24″ LCD monitor, it’s pretty damn nice too.

My current machine is still plenty usable. It’s a P4-3GHz, and with running Openbox on Feisty, I’m very happy with the speed. It’s very capable for most of the stuff I do. Of course extra processing power (even in the M1330 I suppose) would do me fine for encoding all those damn screencasts too. 🙂

So right now I’m torn between a laptop and a desktop. The laptop makes infinitely more common sense to me. And I’m not looking for a desktop replacement style laptop either. I like the 13.3″ screen because I’m interested in a light, portable and capable device. We have a 17″ HP laptop at work and it’s a behemoth. Completely at odds with what I’m looking for (the guys at work say I’m nuts).

Another problem? I’ve been out of the computer buying market for quite some time and haven’t paid enough attention. A T5300 or T7200 processor means almost nothing to me. And worse still, I’ve never owned a laptop so I’m at a loss as to what to really look for technically. One thing is for sure, it’s gotta be a Dell – family discount y’know. 🙂