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Pre-Vacation Stress Disorder

January 19, 2007

Is there such a thing as pre vacation stress disorder ? (No doubt there is.) Why is it that so many clients somehow sense that I’m about to go away for a week and decide on Wednesday to ask for meetings and drawings to be ready for Friday? E.S.P? Bahh.

Half a day at work tomorrow to clean up some last minute stuff and we’re off for the annual trek down to Myrtle Beach SC. Yeah yeah, I know, the weather’s not the greatest right now. But for us to walk along the beach – even in a sweater or jacket – in January is still a treat. Remember, January for us is regularly well below 0C (32F) so anything in the 50’s is ok by me.

This time we’re driving to Buffalo (only a couple of hours) and then staying over night and catching a plane to (I think) Charlotte and then direct into Myrtle. Last time we flew to Raleigh-Durham and it left us with a 4 hour drive. Better than 17 hrs of driving but still a pain. This time we’ll be leaving Buffalo by 8am and into Myrtle by 12. Fuddruckers here I come!! 🙂

If I’m lucky I might even find the time to throw up a post or two while I’m gone. 😉