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NaBloPoMo Ends – All Out Of Clever Headlines

December 1, 2006

So there you have it – 40 odd posts later and National Blog Posting Month has come to an end.

Did I learn anything by doing it? A few simple things:

1. Don’t expect things to arrive in your head fully fleshed out. Just plant a little sapling there in the editor and let it grow. You don’t have to have it all figured out before sitting down. Further, just because you create a post doesn’t mean you have to post it. Sometimes things develop better when you let them stew.

2. It ain’t so easy. Not so easy to come up with even semi-interesting stuff every day. Bloggers with several quality posts a day have my respect – but I think they’re either employed by their blogging or are serious slackers at work.

3. It is mentally and physically impossible for me to consider consistently blogging on one specific topic area. This is a multi-headed beast that I can’t tame. Why should I even try?

4. Traffic just about doubled for the month (but remember, doubling almost nothing leaves you with barely something). Was that all due to the NaBloPoMo Randomizer? Some of it to be sure, but not all of it. Frequent posting definitely helps build traffic if that’s your thing. Comment frequency increased slightly as well (from sloth-like all the way up to a snail’s pace).

5. While I like writing the odd rant, and posts about blogger navel-gazing far and away get the most comments, I have to say that posts that share knowledge (like a tutorial or the solution to some problem) or even posts that share other sources of knowledge feel the most satisfying to me. It always feels better when I contribute something to the mystical ether other than just my opinion.

Will the post-a-day behaviour continue? I think so, for the most part. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes in crafting something – anything. And for me anyway, there’s always something new I’m playing with, learning about or willing to opine about.

Rock on NaBloPoMo. You taught me something. 🙂

NaBloPoMo Disaster Avoided.. Phew…

November 21, 2006

Yikes! Power went out tonight at 7:50pm in the middle of little one’s bedtime story. After about an hour of ‘fun with flashlights’ we decide to get her over to my parents (10 minutes away and fully powered). Getting back here at 10:15pm I thought for sure the problem would be fixed. I arrive back to find total and complete darkness.

Suddenly I realize that a cold morning shower is NOT the top concern. My mind scatters as I try to comprehend the fact that I won’t be able to make my NaBloPoMo post for today!!! Am I really going to find myself in the same boat as OmegaMom?? Is this the end for our unlikely hero? (me).

I set my watch alarm for 23:45. Fifteen minutes should be plenty of time to save my blogging soul should they get the problem fixed in time. I resign myself to sleep and was just dozing off when, at 10:52 technology springs back to life all around me. Yay!!

Running around to turn off all the lights left on (it isn’t going to be ME to blame for frying the recently fixed system with a power surge) I finally kick the kettle to life and sit myself in front of the keyboard.

Disaster avoided. And perhaps more importantly, no worry about searching for a posting topic! 🙂

Good night.