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This Week In Tech – no rss/xml icons??

July 24, 2006

If you’re a regular listener of This Week In Tech, you’ll probably know that they’ve recently done a redesign of their site. It looks much much better, but there is one problem.

Now maybe it’s too early on a Monday morning and I’ve just got to give my head a shake, but it seems to me that subscribing to the Twit series of shows on this site is a pain for someone like me who uses a plain-jane podcasting client like iPodder. I’ve recently re-installed it on my linux box (btw interestingly it’s still called ‘iPodder’ in linux and NOT ‘Juice’) and had to resubscribe to a few shows like Floss Weekly.

If you visit the site, you will NOT see the ubiquitous ‘xml’ or ‘rss’ chicklet for the show’s feed (or any of the show’s feeds). I usually right-click this to copy the address to the feed and paste it into my aggregator.

No. Instead they have a ‘Subscribe..’ drop down box which lists all the subscriptions mechanisms (‘I-Tunes, Odeo, etc..) and at the bottom you will see ‘rss’. That’s great. But I can’t right-click that entry in the drop down list to copy the address (at least I couldn’t) and when I select ‘rss’ I get the xml document tree representation that everyone calls ‘scary’.

The only way I can copy the feed address is to click ‘rss’ from the dropdown list, ignore the document tree page and copy the feed link in the address bar of my browser when the document tree is showing.

Is this a good solution??? C’mon guys. We shouldn’t have to do this to subscribe. NOT everyone uses I-Tunes. Give me some direct link to the feed address somewhere on your page that I can copy and paste. You should know better. For shame Leo.

A Good Interview

July 14, 2006

While it’s kind of old in this fast-paced world of blogs and technology, I did find a podcast interview with Doc Searls on the LQ-Radio podcast. He’s one of the people in this sphere of the web that I respect most. I think intelligence mixed with humility and honesty is a recipe for respect that can’t be beat, and Doc has those ingredients in spades. Check it out. It’s quite an interesting interview.

The Podshow Feed Hijack Mess

July 7, 2006

It looks as though Podshow (run by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom) are ‘stepping in it’ at the moment. Todd Cochrane posted last night about how Podshow is hijacking his podcast feed and he’s pissed about it. Turns out he’s not the only one and the trouble seems to be brewing.

Podshow is indeed providing their own version of the feed instead of the original feed – Todd has now shown what they’ve removed from his feed. This is in no way different than when you run across a clone blog hosting content that is not their own. I’ve run across a few of these, most noticeably a blog that showed Robert Scoble’s postings alongside their own advertising banners and things, trying to make it look like that’s his blog. Not a reputable way to build a business I’d say. But by and large, the general public will not know the difference. And if the general public doesn’t care, I guess Podshow doesn’t either.

So the podshow and others will generate ad revenue among other things on the backs of unwitting podcasters who are not (and don’t want to be) part of the podshow family. Shame on them. I can’t see this going on for too long before Podshow does something about it. Adam is still podcasting and as such will be faced with pressure from his own audience to fix it. I think he will do what’s right.

Linux Reality Podcast

June 28, 2006

Linux Reality is a podcast for the new linux user. Currently host Chess Griffin is going over Ubuntu Dapper (I found his podcast during a blog search for Ubuntu) but it’s not really a linux distro review show. His past shows covered things like the linux file system heirarchy, command line basics and file permissions among other newbie topics. This is just what I’ve been searching for. If you’re new to linux or wanting to try it out, you might enjoy this one. He gets a lot of email and voice mail from more experienced linux users so it’s quite possible to benefit from it even if you’re past the newbie stage.

Zefrank has found it…

April 29, 2006

Dave Winer points to ‘the show with zefrank‘. Absolutely entertaining. There are some people in this world who are just born to do something special. zefrank has found it. Smart, snarky, hyper-energetic, and wonderful. In this dawning age of do-it-yourself multimedia we will see so many more of these talented people popping out of the woodwork in the coming years. I can’t wait.

The Paid For Pill? April Fools?

April 1, 2006

I’m a big fan of ‘The Bitterest Pill’ podcast by Dan Klass. I relate to it, I enjoy it, it makes me smile. So today I read this post by Dan that he’s changing to a paid subscription model. On his previous podcast he complained that a disgruntled listener thought he might be too busy out monetizing his podcast, a fact which Dan flatly denied – he was too busy being ‘up to his ass in laundry’.

So is he going to a paid model? I hope not.
Is it April Fools? I hope so.
Will I remain a listener if he goes paid subscription? Probably not.

I also notice Steve Gillmor pimping GoDaddy along with Earthlink these days on his podcasts. To each his own, but please Steve, trying to relate a personal anecdote about switching to GoDaddy for 5 or 6 minutes at the beginning of the show is a real pain. I hope they’re paying you well for it, because it only took me 2 times to get completely annoyed. With all this talk of attention, you’re forcing me to place mine immediately 5 minutes ahead with the ffwd button each time.

A Tip From The Top Floor…

March 4, 2006

At the expense of not posting anything here, I’ve been absorbed in photography as of late. Well, not only making photographs, but getting back into the learning and experimentation parts of it. One thing that has kept me intrigued and motivated is the Tips From The Top Floor podcast. Chris Marquardt does a great job with the shows and he’s built quite a knowledgeable and friendly forum on his site to go along with it. This is such a smart use of the medium. The show provides great information in a very enjoyable form, and the forums on his site provide a way for listeners to actively participate and develop their skills. It makes the whole thing much more involving and participative. Which then builds listeners, reputation, respect and, without a doubt, success. It appears that nice guys can succeed. Chris and his helpers are proving it.

Another Kick at the Can and What Is a LugRadio?

October 12, 2005

I’ve taken another kick at the Linux can… About 9 months ago I installed Suse Linux (9.2) on my machine and dual-booted it with XP. While I found it interesting, I didn’t have the time to really get it up and running smoothly enough to really evaluate it. In the past couple of weeks, I took on the personal challenge of checking out how the other half lives again and removed Suse and installed Ubuntu.

I ran into several problems trying to get the dual-booting to work properly and figuring out how to get the sound up (it was working but the mixer volume was off!) so I’d have to still say that from my experience (albeit a sample size of 1), it still appears to be more of a OS for ‘tinkerers’. Although to be fair, the problem was getting the XP dual-booting going under Linux, something which XP doesn’t even allow (I don’t believe MS even gives you the option of dual-booting anything other than Microsoft OS’s).

Mind you, I’m running Ubuntu 5.10 (“Breezy Badger” for those in the know) which has not been officially released – that happens in two days I think, so things might have been a bit smoother had I waited for the stable release.

I’m pressed for time, so I’ll save my comments for when I’ve got more Linux miles under my belt and can put a few coherent thoughts together.

One other thing though. In the course of investigating Linux and Ubuntu, I found a great podcast dealing with Linux. It’s called LugRadio and I enjoy it immensely. Even if Linux is not your thing, these guys are truly great to listen to. I’ve heard lots of podcasts now, from the highly polished to those that are completely rough around the edges. In my opinion, these boys have got a great balance. They cover interesting stuff like open source software, programming, technology and even some politics with intelligence, passion and great humour. Probably not for everyone, but they’ve held my attention for hours of listening. Give them a try.

Clearing the Podcasting Air

May 26, 2005

Dave Winer has posted what sounds to me like a very honest account of the falling out between himself and Adam Curry. A very interesting listen. It sounds like he felt he was shafted and he may be right. He may get accused of whining, but where is the rule that says you can’t say or write what you feel. Whether you agree with him or not, I don’t doubt his honesty about how he feels. It will be left to Adam to refute the claims.

Podcasting news coming fast and furious it seems..

May 4, 2005

Interesting article
about an AM radio station in San Francisco that will be broadcasting listener generated content. A few things strike me as disappointing (although pragmatic) limitations: FCC licensing and the lack of downloadable archives.

Why is it that the big cheese’s willingness to pay licensing fees for podcasters to play music is such a big deal in all these schemes? If I wanted to hear music that is licensed for broadcast play I’d listen to the damned radio!

One other thing that is forgotten or maybe not realized yet, is that I value the ability to pick what I want, any mix of what I want. What they’re proposing sounds like it will be public access radio. Sure it’s grass roots, but *I* have no control over what I get to hear, someone else does. I know it’s a local broadcast solution…but it really seems like a last gasp shot in the dark to me. Just put the stuff in a place I can get to it. I don’t want you to decide what I get, in what order, of what quality, that’s the frickin beauty of it right now!

One of the best podcasts I’ve heard on this topic, in fact one of the best podcasts I’ve heard to date is one by PBCliberal. A recommended listen for sure.

So the list of what I like about podcasting is growing as I realize it..kinda like you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone… intimacy, freedom of speech, download on demand, sheer freedom of distribution and archiving…let’s see what else the big boys miss in all of this.

A side note that made me chuckle is that the article had a web ad for the Senseo coffee maker, an ad which always featured prominently on Adam Curry‘s site! 😉