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Mis-Advertised price. What would you do?

July 13, 2007

Okay, it’s ethical question time again. Have I ever asked an ethical question here? Dunno. But here goes:

You go visit the Acme Co. website and notice that they’re showing their rocket-powered roller skates on sale for $24.99. You’re impressed, mostly because those specific skates are normally listed somewhere around $125.00.

Soon, Acme Co. realizes that the pricing shown is a mistake and erects some sort of electronic barrier to block the page. Some enthusiastic shoppers (who obviously love rocket-powered roller skates) are able to circumvent the barrier and find the incorrect listings. They place orders. Lots of orders.

Shortly thereafter, Acme issues a notice describing the mistake and offered those customers a discount. Normal orders on those mis-priced roller skates increase by 200X over the weekend.

Now would you:

A) Take the discount and be happy.

B) Accept the discount, grumble and tell Acme Co. that it should be more careful.


C) Capitalize on Acme’s mistake and fight – for four years -right up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

For me, it’s either A) or B) depending on the situation. For a Quebec man and his dealings with Dell Inc. it’s C).

There are lots of other minute but important details to the case. But it just drives me nuts when I see people try to capitalize on other people’s mistakes in that way.

No, I’m no saint. I’ve had people undercharge me for things, and later, when I realize it, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. But there are many more times where someone has undercharged me and I realize it right there and then. I tell them. They appreciate it. I feel good.

Maybe I’m just hokey. Or does the idea of spending 4 years fighting for my right to capitalize on someone else’s mistake sound perfectly noble to you?

Some good news in the news for a change

December 15, 2006

I think we’ve all become somewhat used to hearing about medical progress in terms of identifying problems, treatments to mitigate symptoms or preventative measures. Not every day you read about the reversal of a disease.

Of course it’s not quite “there” yet, but “Canadian scientists reverse diabetes in mice“.

Some good news in the news for a change.