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Ubuntu Upgrade – surprising!

November 18, 2007

I’ve never had complete satisfaction with a distribution upgrade although they seem to get substantially less painful for me with each iteration.

So in the midst of vacuuming the house this morning, I decided what the hell.. I’ll do the Gutsy upgrade. I logged out of Openbox and into my old standard Beryl/Metacity setup. I did a few package upgrades that were waiting and then hit the button at the top of the upgrade manager.

Two hours later I was done and rebooting with crossed fingers. It likely would have taken substantially less time but it stopped to ask me to confirm about 4 configuration file changes (I ok’d them all) and seeing as how I was vacuuming and not sitting in front of my computer watching the install, I likely added about 15 or 20 minutes of delay to the process.

The startup into Gutsy with my previous Metacity theming went fine. I turned on some high level desktop effects just to see if it picked up on my ancient Intel 810 video card. Yep. No problem, but more on that in a second. I then checked out internet connectivity and some other bits and bobs – they all worked fine.

For the final test, I logged out of that session and back into my Openbox setup. Everything seems to work A-ok. I’m duly impressed!

A note about compiz: As an engineer I am stupified as to how smoothly Compiz effects work on my bottom rung Intel 810 card. It’s got 32MB of *shared* ram and that’s it. And yet it all works beautifully. I’ve played with MS Vista and while some things look nice, the system requirements for Aero seem out of this world.

I’m by no means much of a Compiz fanboy – I love some of the effects and find some of them very useful – but the speed, simplicity and hackability of Openbox has really stolen my attention for the moment. But man, you have to give them credit for being able to do what they do when compared to other OS’s.

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Blogged with Flock baby!

November 15, 2006

Woohoo!!! I finally found the time to back up my blog (using HTTrack) and you, dear reader, have the privilege of reading the very first post I’ve written since switching to the new Blogger Beta!

Do I notice a huge difference? Well, not yet (it’s only been about 2 minutes since it switched), but you will hopefully find a tag…er ‘label’ or two to this post. Something that Blogger(tm) bloggers were ashamedly not yet able to do easily.

After backing up my blog, I logged into and in two simple steps transferred my blog over. It took about 5 minutes for the email to arrive notifying me of the successful switch. I know OmegaMom was unsuccessful at making the switch a week or so ago, maybe she should try again.

So over the next little while I’ll see how much improved this new engine actually is.

Onward and upwards!