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Cool 3D photo collage modelling

April 12, 2007

Now no one can accuse me of not being an equal opportunity blogger:

[Via a recent episode of Leo Laporte’s KFI podcast]

Just in case you thought Microsoft wasn’t full of smart people (ok, maybe acquired smart people), wanting to push the envelope, check out the demo videos of the Photosynth project.

Think Quicktime VR but formed from a mass of normal digital photographs. From what I understand, they’ve got software that analyzes a group of photos of a specific location, recognizes datum objects, figures out camera position and angle of view, transforms them to account for parallax errors and assembles them together in a sort of 3D collage model. Put that inside a nice viewer with cool pan and zoom navigation and you have something really really interesting.

You can’t get this software yet (I don’t think), but it does show some really interesting possibilities for all those millions of photos being posted to the net. A use for photos in aggregate.

Now if only I could find the open-source equivalent.. 😉