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On the DoFollow Wagon…

June 14, 2007

Following the lead of a few of my favourite reads, I’ve decided to disable the nofollow attribute for commenting that’s built into my Bloggerâ„¢ template. So to encourage commenting and discussion if you leave your link in the comments, you will be justly rewarded.

Now of course I manually moderate the comments – and oh boy, it’s such an onerous job with the hundreds of comments I get on each post 😉 – and any spam comments that show up will of course be swiftly dealt with. I’ve even put up an ominous commenting policy over on the right, but that’s more just to encourage people to participate rather than lay down the proverbial law.

If you’ve got a Bloggerâ„¢ blog and you’re want to spread the Google juice to your commenters then check out this post.